Sunday Sparkle: Verjaardagen & Engeland

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London tips: 16 attractions you must visit


I travel a lot. At least once a month I can be found in a new place in a different country. Most of the times that’s fun. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun. But rarely do I fall in love with a place. London stole my heart, and didn’t give it back. Once upon a time (six years ago) I’d been there, but I could only remember the absolute highlights from that trip. I didn’t remember how London felt. I wasn’t sure if the atmosphere would be fun if you didn’t just walk from Big Ben to other must see’s and back, but if you went into the neighbourhoods, looking for café’s.

And yes. Yes, the atmosphere was fantastic, and so everybody needs to make visiting London a priority in their lives. It’s perfect for a couple of days of citytripping. And to help you on your way I’m sharing 16 must visits. Both famous and lesser known, for a complete and diverse trip to London!

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Yay! It’s my birthday!


Yay! Today is september 10th and that means: the best day of the year.

It’s my birthday today!

I don’t really have big plans for today. I’ll spend today working, and this afternoon I’ll probably start running around and packing like a crazy person, because at the end of the afternoon I’m leaving for Newcastle with DFDS Seaways!

I’ll be staying in Northern UK for a week. I’ll spend three days in both Edinburgh and Newcastle. this time, though: I’m not alone. Mister is coming along! As you can imagine I’m beyond excited and really looking forward to it!

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Citytrip: four days in Londen, how much did it cost?


Strolling trough the streets of London, watching time tick away in coffee places, dinner dates with friends, and going from one museum to the next… the only thing that would make that even better is if I had Benedict Cumberbatch on my arm. But a girl needs something to live for, right? The first part of this dream became reality when I took to London for four days, by myself.

London is definitely not known as a cheap city, and I will not dispute that claim. But I will show you what I spent on this trip, and what you can do to make it even more affordable.

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Saturday Sparkle: Friends & photoshoots

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Saturday Sparkle is a weekly feature in which I celebrate life, by putting last week on a pedestal. Bring the confetti, bitches!

I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with friends this week *yay*, worked as much as I could to be all set for my trip next week and had an impromptu interview and photoshoot happen, which you will probably see in print!

Things I love

Seeing your friends after ages ♥ Talking about ambition and farts♥ Trying to lead a healthier life ♥ Wearing color ♥ And flitterears ♥ Discovering new shows ♥ Dressing up and pose the heck out of it ♥ Reading inspiring articles ♥ Opening your heart in a blogpost, and not being afraid to let others read it ♥ New Facebookfans: welcome! ♥ Read More →