USA Roadtrip Part V: A citygirl camps in Yosemite


I was sure about three things regarding our visit to Yosemite: I would go camping and I’d love that, I would go horseriding and I’d love that, and I would spot bears. And obviously that would be the end of the world as we know it (SO. AWESOME). Our visit to Yosemite was the first time for both Mister and me (about 75% of the trip I’d done before, but not Yosemite). I had high expectations, but mainly for Mister, who’s a nature person at his core.

My happiness and bliss relies on residing in a place with lots of fun café’s, cinema’s and liveliness. But he likes to retreat to nature. And as a gift to him (being the good girlfriend I am), I promised him we’d go camping in Yosemite. Mind you: I HATE camping. But this was supposed to be like a little cabin. With beds. That would work, I figured.

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Saturday Sparkle: Champagne & baby monkey’s

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-29 om 23.50.21

Saturday Sparkle is a weekly feature in which I celebrate life, by putting last week on a pedestal. Bring the confetti, bitches!

I visited a meeting with drinks, and had dinner with Mister to celebrate our successes. But mainly my week consisted of… working many hours in my ugly sweatpants and my fluffy bathrove. Yay to stinky self employed life!

Things I love

Spending evenings with my favorite bloggers ♥ helping people with talent ♥ sushi ♥ flirting ♥ finding a really cool bag in your closet that you forgot you owned ♥ planning dates with friends  ♥ Masterchef Australia ♥ Having great trips to look forward to ♥ Helping mister build his website ♥ My glitter phonecover ♥ seeing your own article in a magazine ♥ So many replies to my questionnaire: THANK YOU! ♥ 

Things I did…

foto 2-5

Sooooo pink! I’ve entered a pink phase I think. Looking at this phone covers makes me so happy!

foto 4-4

Not the best picture, but I snapped one for the Mister about one minute before I ran out the door for a coffee date. I had a sudden burst of inspiration to plant cactusses. Without protection for my hands. Even though I’m happy with the result (I’ll shoot a better pic later), I was still pulling out spikes from my hands two days later. OUCH. Why are DIY’s always so much harder than they seem?

foto 2-6

This is what I wore to my date with Suzanne. She turned out to live right next to me. Cosy! I’m wearing a new sweater by H&M.

foto 3-6

Saturday Mister didn’t sleep at home: he participated in a 48 hrs project.  As you know he’s a cameraman and editor. In this project teams are challenged to create a short movie in 48 hours. The best team wins a price. Thankfully my bed wasn’t empty. Coco pushed her body next to mine and pretended to not be sleepy.

foto 1-10

Yay: my new clothes fit. I normally wear black/grey/white, so I had to buy some color this time.

foto 3-7

When mister came home sunday I cooked a healthy meal, inspired by Rosanne.

foto 1-12

Sometimes my life looks like this: finish my work early and spend my afternoon blogging on the couch.

foto 4-5

Mostly it’s this though: working and blogging late at night when it’s dark. Never not working.  I think I’ve spent every night working this week. Sometimes with a glass of wine. But no complaining from me: my blog is my favorite thing ever.

foto 3-8

I’m addicted to nailpolish… and glitter. Yes this is the famous fluffy bathrobe you’re seeing.

foto 2-7

Hamburgers! Best when the sauce is oozing out. (I actually enjoy vegetarian burgers more than regular ones…)

foto 4-6

Thursday I had a meeting at Favoroute, where I heard what their plans were for the future. Fun! The best part was seeing my bloggingfriends again. We ate at Pasta Pasta in Amsterdam (Warmoesstraat).

foto 5-4

Yum! Way too much… but good!

foto 5-1

One of my rock solid belief. Don’t overthink it, just do it. It will all turn out fine eventually. Don’t live your life fueled by fear.

foto 1-13

Yesterday me and Mister went out to dinner: I wore the same thing as the day before to the event. A skirt by H&M, white t-shirt and shoes by H&M (my favorite chain!). The necklace is from Portugal.

foto 2-8

We ate Sushi at Sushi Today in Utrecht, near stadion Galgenwaard. It was so good! We celebrated out successes. It’s very important I think to take a step back and applaud your successes. Especially if you’re ambitious like us: it’s easy to lose yourself in a quest searching for ‘The Greatest’ and overlooking the rest. (Also: any excuse to eat sushi works)

foto 3-9

I view ‘All you can eat’ as a personal challenge. BRING IT ON.


Things I discovered…



I couldn’t be at the launch, but ever since talking to frequent flyer Valentijn, I’ve been obsessed with the concept of saving miles. This site is perfect since it shares all the news for the dutch market, and even makes fools like myself understand the hardcore world of frequent flyers.

Bagdad circa 1957

When I saw this video on a newspaper website, I immediately googled ways to build a time machine. What a 1001- night fairytale Bagdad was in 1957.

Ronald Goedemondt  - Binnen de lijntjes

I love comedy. My favorite dutch comedians are Guido Weijers, Theo Maassen and: Ronald Goedemondt. Maybe it’s because they are from my beloved Brabant, or because they are all critical of society like me… but I enjoy nothing more than a night of good laughter. Ronald is probably my favorite. He always portrays himself as a slightly naive, geeky ‘normal’ guy. I laughed so hard at this show (2011-2012, on Netflix), that I nearly choked on a sip of water I took, and I had tears coming down my face from laughter. Really recommend it. (I watched this bit and laughed out loud AGAIN).

Things I obsess about…

foto 1-11

Lots of videos this time! I worked a lot, so I like to get my distraction from videos and music on youtube. Have you noticed how you go to Youtube for one thing and end up looking at videos of embarrassing boybands and drunken squirels? And then three hours of your life are gone.

- Gotye – The only way

Right before I went to the US I discovered Gotye for real. I obviously knew ‘Somebody that I used to know’, and also ‘Hearts a Mess’ (off of the Great Gatsby soundtrack), but other than that my mind was blank. Untill I stumbeled upon his 2006 cd (Drawing Blood). SO. EFFING. GOOD. I’m addicted. This is one of my favorites.

- Kandee Johnson’s channel

I don’t care much for make-up. When I wear eyelined I look like the first transgender panda. But I still love watching make-up guru’s on Youtube because of their personality. I love the brightly colored hair Kandee has, and her personality is just as bright. I was probably the last person on earth to discover her, but with that kind of a transformation talent (one day she’s a celebrity, the other time a Disney villain), you deserve every follower!

- Derek – Baby monkey riding on a pig

Last week I told you how we couldn’t be friends if you don’t watch Derek (seriously: how did Ricky Gervais not win an Emmy for this role?), but this week I share my favorite bit with you: when Derek watches animal videos on Youtube. WATCH THIS SHOW (Also: this song will be stuck in your head all weekend).

Next week I’ll share more products: promise! This week I’m very happy to be meeting with loads of friends for drinks and dinner. And it’s also a very busy work week! The week after that I have a very fun weeklong trip planned, so I have loads of work to prepare! Exciting!

Life is a party, 
be the glitter machine,


What are you up to this week?

Fake it ’till you make it: behind the Insta-filters

Processed with Moldiv

There are mornings where I dread opening my Instagram-account. Times where I just DON’T want to get confronted with the apparently perfect life of X, whom I don’t even know personally. I don’t want to see Y eating a bowl of biological puzshumpdky yoghurt, and I don’t want to see Z’s designer closet, when I snatch a cat hair-sweater off of the couch for the third day in a row. I’m not jealous, but I just don’t feel like seeing everybody trying to win a game of ‘how awesome is your life?. And subconciously, I join in, too.

Insta-perfect. It’s a magic word. Magic because we all create reality’s that are nothing like reality. We’ve all been told to not compare ourselves to strangers on the internet. And we all know that’s not that bloody easy. Ofcourse us travelbloggers are guilty as well. Not only do we want to make the best pictures ever, we obviously also only post whenever we have something fun to show. Like when we travel the world.

Mind you: I adore Instagram. It provides me with heaps of inspiration, and motivates me to consider my WHY’s and HOW’s as a photographer. But let’s face it: it’s not real life. And that’s something I aspire to be: real. That’s why I’m taking you behind the filters and likes, and dish on the stories behind the pictures.

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Nieuwe plannen + jij kunt helpen

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-19 om 20.32.56

Hi lieve lezers,

Vandaag even een ander berichtje. bestaat nu zo’n 10 maanden, en zoals je ziet ben ik afgelopen zaterdag met een nieuwe rubriek begonnen. Dat omdat ik vind dat het af en toe tijd is voor wat verandering. Het voelt alsof het tijd is om door te groeien, en daarom zal ik de komende tijd wat experimenteren met rubrieken, invalshoeken en meer om te zien wat goed voelt en bij de site past. Ik heb zoveel te vertellen. Niet schrikken: de artikelen die je leuk vindt, zal ik gewoon blijven maken, het wordt hooguit extra!

Ik heb heel veel mooie en leuke plannen voor de website, wat allemaal heel spannend is. En hoewel ik daarbij natuurlijk vooral mijn eigen hart en stem volg, hoor ik echt heel erg graag wat jullie fijn vinden aan de website, wat jullie graag anders zien, of wat jullie willen lezen. Het is dankzij jullie dat ik elke dag met veel plezier tijd en energie in de website steek, en met elk berichtje verschijnt een glimlach op mijn gezicht. (ECHT) Ik wil voor jullie dan ook de meest behulpzame en inspirerende site mogelijk maken.

Daarom heb ik een korte enquete opgezet. Het zijn maar tien korte vragen, en het zou me enorm helpen. Met één keer twee minuten meedoen met deze vragenlijst heb je hopelijk zelf het komende jaar heel veel mooie artikelen en behulpzame tips om naar uit te kijken, dus behalve mij (DANK!), help je ook jezelf hiermee.

Also: als je meedoet is er ergens ter wereld een kleine kitten die een kusje krijgt van een andere kitten. Dat wil je ‘m niet ontnemen, toch?



Saturday Sparkle: Things I love/did/discovered/obsess about

foto 1-8

Saturday Sparkle is a weekly feature in which I celebrate life, by putting last week on a pedestal. Bring the confetti, bitches!

Considering this is the first edition, I took the liberty of taking some pictures of two weeks ago as well (who is going to stop me anyway?), but I intend to publish this feature every saturday. A nice way to slow down and consider the sparkly things in life.

Things I love…

Meeting new people on my travels ♥ Taking a midday nap in my own bed ♥ Buying new rings and wearing them all at the same time ♥ Receiving packages with clothes and finding out everything fits ♥ Cassave-prawn crackers ♥ Pink lipstick ♥ Speaking and writing in English ♥ Sleeping in a hotelbed (always nicer than at home) ♥ The sound of raindrops on the window when I’m inside ♥ the freedom to go anywhere I want to ♥ My pink keyboard cover ♥ Investing in self love ♥

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