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During the coldest weekend in the history of humanity, I packed my bags and traveled down to Antwerp with Mister. The first real trip abroad in 2015. Not exactly a punishment, as I really enjoy Antwerp and find coming up with excuses to go there ridiculously easy. This time I was invited to try and review Holiday Inn Express Antwerp City-North.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.


If you ever were in the position of planning an epic road trip but being unsure where to go: the USA is your best choice. Because aside from a very curious culinary tradition, it has much more to offer: a couple of hours will take you from the snowy mountain peaks to a sizzeling dessert, and from the cosmopolitan cities to the relaxed vibe of beaches.. that feeling of freedom you get with a road trip just can’t be experienced any other way. To help you plan your road trip, I share our itinerary from the west coast of the USA.