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While I’m most definitely a summer type of girl, in wintertime a city transforms in a romantic kind of way that doesn’t happen in any other season. The dark sky, snow on the rooftops, the cloud of air when you exhale, snuggling up in the arms of your lover while the Christmaslights sparkle above your head. And don’t forget the hot chocolate, people.

Scattered troughout the city you’ll find Christmasmarkets. Groups of people huddled together above big bowl of steaming hot soup, nibbling on a pretzel or loudly laughing after having a few too many glühweins. Last year I had the pleasure of discovering my very first Christmas Market in Düsseldorf.

It’s almost Christmas! And that’s why, in the spirit of Christmas, I’m sharing this adorable ad with you. There’s no better way to start your day than with a smile anyway. One of my favorite things about Christmastime is, besides spending my days eating and cuddling familymembers, that there are so many feel good commercials are on tv. And when the king of feel good videos (KLM!) releases a Christmas ad, you have to see it of course.

This is an advertorial.



I’d be lost traveling without a smartphone. Literally. The times I’ve avoided a certain death by getting lost and starving by opening my Google Maps have been too many to count. And then that time that I woke up my family by calling them insanely early to look up the address of my hostel in London… phone = lifesaver. These five apps I use and abuse when I travel.


Dear Santa Barbara,

Something changed in me, the moment I set foot in you. A feeling of peace took over me. My muscles relaxed. My eyes opened. I breathed you in. ‘I could live here’, I said, and looked Mister with a dead serious face. I meant it. In a few hours I’d lost my heart to you.

What exactly it is that drew me to you, I can’t even explain. But there’s something about you. A certain calmness. You don’t care. Anyone can do whatever. You’ll be fine. A certain je ne sais quoi. And I like that about you.


Christmas is around the corner! And considering i’m about the worst person on earth in buying gifts, I decided to help a sister (or brother?) out. Every monday this month I’ll be piling my favorite gifts onto lists that would make every travel fanatic drool. This will make creating your very own wishlist much easier, non? Today: travel movies!