The ultimate list of ALL European budget airlines


Low-cost airlines are airlines that offer cheap flights in comparison to traditional airlines. Low-cost airlines operate according to the ‘no frills’ concept and are therefore also called budget airlines. This means that overhead costs are kept as low as possible and additional services such as meals and entertainment are not included in the price. Cabin baggage can be taken along, but must meet certain requirements (size and/or weight) and will cost you extra. Much more frequently than traditional airlines, low-cost airlines use small airports, in order to save costs. Read more


I’m moving to London!


I just typed in the title, and I’ve just been staring at it, but YES it’s true… I’m moving to London!!!!!

For everyone that knows me a little bit, it won’t be a case of shock and horror, as I’ve already been to London six times this year for both work and pleasure. But if you’d told me one year ago I’d be moving to London… I would’ve told you you’re nuts (but I probably would’ve liked you).

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