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Londen: my 10 new favourite cafes & restaurants


Yep, yep. You get the gist: I’m in London a lot. I feel like I owe you some sort of explanation (which makes no sense because any excuse is a good one to head to London), but it mostly has to do with work and blogging. Many blogging conferences happen in London, my client Expedia has a big office there, and besides many of my friends live there as well. My next trip is scheduled for wednesday. Woops.

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Ierland, Travel Video

THIS IS: Dublin | Travel Video

Your prayers have been answered! This is the first video from CineTravel: Mister and mines company. Can you remember our trip to Dublin? We spent three days in the city, where we got caught in rain, snow, wind, sunshine, lots of yummy food, and amazing people. THIS IS: Dublin.

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Travel Diaries: Barcelona


If you’re not quite sure where I am at this point in time, and what plane I’ve boarded recently: trust me, neither am I. I spend about a week a month abroad. My work allows me the opportunity to work from anywhere, as long as I have internet. And so I like to do that.

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