City guide: what to do for free in Newcastle


Newcastle, oh thy pearl on the Thyne-river. You have suprised me. Woo’d me. Blown me away. As I entered the city my mind was occupied with visions of cold, rough and industrial harbos, but those visions were soon wiped from my mind as I ended up in one of the most fun cities I’ve visited in a while. No smoking chimney in sight, only winding roads with hidden restaurants, old cinema’s and fresh concepts. This citytrip city will easily entertain you for two days, and ofcourse I’m here to help you with an itinerary of must visits. FREE ones!

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Saturday Sparkle: Sushi & Win!

foto 4-22

Saturday Sparkle is a weekly feature in which I celebrate life, by putting last week on a pedestal. Bring the confetti, bitches!

A little slow on photos this week, because what I mainly did this week was: work, work, work. And then preferably in my pyjama’s. Those are the less photogenic weeks. But they will be returning, considering I’ll be traveling for 1,5 week in october! I think this might be my final weekly post, and that I might switch it to once every month. I’ll have more to share, and can switch it up with other travel and personal posts. How do you feel about that?

Things I Loved

Fun trips to look forward to ♥  my warm pink bathrobe ♥ Oreo’s ♥ working while the raindrops fall on the window ♥ sushi ♥ A clean house ♥ making wishlishts that never end ♥ the new collection of HEMA ♥

Things I Did

foto 1-29

Last week on friday Mister and me spent the night at his parents. We had a long dinner, and chatted in the dinner until late. So cosy! I’m always so relaxed when I’m there. They live in a very cosy area in a small town, where it’s completely quiet… day and night.

foto 2-24

Mister tried on his mothers reading glasses, that turned him into the ultimate hipster.

foto 1-30

On sunday we made sushi, but the rice was too wet :(

foto 3-25

When I recently visited the all new HEMA I spotted these lamps. I also wanted to bring home some candles, but realized I had forgotten my debit card. AHHHH.

foto 2-25

On tuesdays I work in an office for one of my clients, as I do every week. I wore this new H&M sweater.

foto 3-26

This is my face whenever I receive e-mail from readers that ask me for help, or tell me I inspire them. ‘ME?’ There’s nothing that makes me happier.

foto 4-21

Mister sent me this picture of me blogging in the Starbucks in Edinburgh. Never not working!

foto 5-13

Thursdaynight Mister was out with friends. After I had worked some more in the evening, I closed my laptop, and rewarderd myself with a movie. I watched one of my favorites: Midnight in Paris. (And that toilet roll is used instead of napkins, btw!)

Things I Discovered


Four years after his book ‘ The World in 27 days of holiday’, Johannes now launches the accompaning website. Since most people have only 27 days of paid leave per year to see as much of the world as possible, he started a website with reviews where you can find tips and reviews per country. So: a reviewsite you visit before you leave. I like the idea, and our ideals behind our websites are similar: you can only spend your dollar once, like every day of paid leave.

- Winactie Berlijn

Winning a trip to Berlin? Jawohl, bitte! Publisher Mo’Media, Deutsche Bahn and are giving you the change to win a trip to Berlin, every day for ten days! You can win the trip by participating in the test about your knowledge of cities. Click the link above to join!

Things I obsess about

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-26 om 17.23.23

- Pink coat from Ted Baker

My jaw litteraly dropped when I saw this coat. It’s not only a beautiful, long, stylish trenchcoat, but also pink. BRIGHT pink. I can’t think about anything else anymore, and I’m dead serious. I fear it’s a bit cold for dutch winters though. And I don’t even want to consider the price tag of €390. If anyone’s still looking to gift me something for Christmas….

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-26 om 17.23.47

- Cupcake Bikini

I’m sort of confused as to how I’ve lived my life without this bikini. For real. It could be a while before I’m back at the beach (when exactly?), but I can’t wait to add this beauty to my bikini collection. I’m already lost in daydreaming about where I’ll be wearing this number next year!

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-26 om 17.25.36

- HEMA ear phones

In a mysterious occurrence I seem to have lost my ear phones… possibly in the UK> But why buy boring white ones when you can have these super cute ones? HEMA also sells plain pink ones, btw.

What are you obsessed about?

The night bus to Londen: my experience

foto 2-13

I’m always open to trying new things, when it comes to helping you travel cheaply. And so the night bus to London had been on my mind for a bit. I hadn’t even tried a nightbus before, but had been wanting to return to London for ages, and it was cheaper than a flight. Also: I really enjoy busses (the rocking of the bus, and the endless staring out the window..)

So I said YES when iDBus asked me to test their connection to London. I packed my backpack with warm clothes, snacks, earplugs and a sleeping mask, took off for Amsterdam and got on the bus. But… did I actually enjoy it?

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Budget accommodation: Astor Hyde Park London


London is definitely not a cheap spot, as I’ve said before. So I was happy to stay in the most expensive part of town. Ehh.. what? Yep. Because that is where the hostel Astor Hyde Park is located, where you can book your bed in a dorm for some €20 a night. Including free internet AND breakfast. Good deal?

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Saturday Sparkle: Edinburgh & Newcastle

foto 3-23

Saturday Sparkle is een wekelijkse rubriek waarin ik het leven vier, door de afgelopen week op een voetstuk te zetten. Bring the confetti, bitches!

Last weekend I was still in Edinburgh… oh, how time flies! Wednesday I returned to NL and ever since I’ve been blogging, writing articles, and working on boring administrative tasks. What a contrast! Secretly I’m loving it though, because it gives me the physical and mental piece to recoup in my hectic life of travel.

Things I love

Glorious invitations ♥  A night of chilling with the inlaws ♥ calling it a early night with a book ♥ running (or so I tell myself) ♥ salmon on bread ♥ the show Fargo ♥ crying at sad moments in series ♥ Starting a new book ♥ Ghost tours ♥ Edinburgh!!! ♥ Instagram ♥

Things I did

foto 1-26

foto 2-21On friday night we slept in Easyhotel in Edinburgh, because I’d heard it was a cheap chain of hotels, and that usually screams my name. I might seem happy in this picture but MY GOD… NEVER again. As you can see in the two pictures, I have basically captured the whole room in a picture. It’s 6.5 square meter. Very claustrophobic, with no window, no tv (you have to actually buy the rights to the remote), no wifi and a miniature bathroom. There was hardly any room to dump our stuff. And we paid some 35 euros PER PERSON for this. I like budget things, but not the kind that rip off their customers, and this is definitely that.

foto 3-22
So breakfast, and writing last weeks Saturday Sparkle, had to been done in Starbucks. One with the best view in the world, possibly: Edinburgh Catle. This location is on Princess Street, a street that is one that you don’t want to close your eyes on, anyway.

foto 4-19
And what a pearl Edinburgh is! It’s like walking in a real life fairytale. I love cities that showcase their history so openly. Just LOOK at those buildings! I want to live in all of them! It’s like somehow ending up in a Harry Potter movie. And that is actually not that weird, considering JK Rowling lived in Edinburgh while writing the books.

foto 4-18Nice and blurry but wheeeee so much fun: Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. The slogan: Seeing is not believing. Damn right it’s not, because the museum is filled with optical illusions. So much FUN to experience. Also: I never want to leave this tunnel of light. SO GORGEOUS.

foto 5-12

The morning after was brunch time at The Westroom. Super cool place with lovely breakfasts: NOMNOM.

foto 1-27
Sunday evening we got an insight into the dark side of Edinburgh via the Ghosts and Ghouls tour by Mercat Tours. Tourguide Meera knows how to tell a grizzly story!

foto 2-22The next day we returned to Newcastle, where we had our last dinner in the UK, at the Herb Kitchen. I was smitten with their location under the train overpass, it’s balloon lamp ceiling, and the sound of a train passing over you while you’re eating your delicious pizza. The ham and mushroom one was possibly the best I’ve had in ages.

foto 1-28More food: on board the DFDS Seaways back home we dined in the A la Carte restaurant. This was as good as it looked.

foto 2-23And after that… I went to bed at the scandalous hour of eight thirty. YES. Wearing a large vest by Mister and finishing my book (The Book Thief). WOW it’s impressive. Would recommend.

Things I discovered

When I flew to the US last summer our plane was delayed. UGH. Which made us miss our connecting flight to Vegas. Double UGH. Thankfully a lot of times you can get refunded for the delay, if you fall under specific guidelines (like your plane having to depart form Europe and being delayed for a certain amount of hours). Fixing the refund is a bit tricky and time consuming, because the airline doesn’t really want you to. So I turned to They work on a no cure, no pay base. And you miss every shot you don’t take, isn’t it? So turns out I might get €300 (half of my ticket!) back! (30% of that goes to, but ok). I’ll keep you posted.

foto 4-17


I mentioned it above but Edinburgh is a dream. That’s what I felt when I entered the city and walked to the shopping street, called Princess Street. I didn’t really know much about it, having gone there on a whim basically after seeing a couple of Pinterest photo’s (yes, that’s how I make my travel decisions sometimes). It turns out the centre of the city is built on top of a hill (that’s actually an vulcano). The newer part however is lower, and from that part you can see the skyline of Edinburgh with it’s castle, old houses and narrow and winding streets. AHHH, my heart will explode.


foto 3-24


This monster has 340 kcal (of well, half of that). It’s called Rocky Road and it’s so sweet it will make you mouth implode on itself. It’s filled with milk chocolate, sugar, cookies and marshmallows. But my god it’s good. I loved Greggs in general. So much goodness! It’s a shame we don’t have them back home.

Things I obsess about

Foto door: Shell de Mar Photography via

Nieuwe collectie Crown and Glory

I’d already admired both Sophie and Kat before I met both the business babes in Amsterdam, and currently own two headpieces by the fabulous Crown and Glory, but their new collection is beyond words. I immediately want to run to the hairdresser, dye my hair, throw on a headpiece that says ‘Whoohoo!’ and start a girl band. So much beauty! I DIE.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-19 om 14.59.42

foto via Instagram @Ted_Baker

Ted Baker

I’ve also got a tiny crush on Ted Baker, a fashion brand I recently discovered. LOOK AT THAT SHIRT. I need everything.


I know this is repetetive: but jeez, Fargo is one of the best shows I’ve seen in MONTHS. It’s at least as good as Breaking Bad and Dexter (when it still was). And it revolves around a normal, rather boring guy, Lester Nygaard, that runs into a mysterious guy that said he’d take care of his childhood bully. After that: things turn weird. To be seen on Netflix.

Wat heb jij afgelopen week gedaan?