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Berlin: a bustling city with a charged history. A city my grandfather was exited to visit, since he’d lived trough the war, but somehow had never been. I had, so I took it upon myself to drag him trough the city and show him all of the sights. These 13 sights in Berlin can’t be missed!

Best hotels in

Surely by now you’ve been blown away by my enthousiast blogposts and enchanting pictures from Gipuzkoa & Urdaibai, and planning your own trip to the Spanish Basque Country, right? But you know that means you will have to sleep somewhere, right? Turns out I have tried the best and cutest hotels in Urdaibai & Gipuzkoa. Here are my recommendations.


Happiness and succes are, besides travel on a budget of course, subjects I like to think and write about often. When I spotted this tag about #ProjectPositief, I knew I wanted to write about it. It’s good to take a second to think about these things, and it’s also a great way to get to know each other a little better. Here we go!


Antwerp was bloody COLD. Not even chilly, but damn right freezing cold. And what happens then when you are there on a city trip? You eat. And drink hot drinks in warm cozy cafés. Not exactly punishment, I must add.  And so I spent the biggest chunk of my weekend hauled up in cheap restaurants and cozy cafés, in the name of research. Ugh… it’s a tough life, but someone has to live it.


My month long road trip along the west coast of the USA was one of the best, coolest and most memorable things I’ve ever done. It was also, sadly, one of the most expensive ones. I will just be honest about it: a month long trip trough the US is not the same as a trip to a budget supermarket.

But budget wasn’t exactly the goal of this trip anyway. For years I’d diligently planned and looked forward to this trip with Mister. After lots of calculations and planning on my part, we’d concluded we needed at least a month to see everything we wanted, AND spend a week with my beloved family in the US. And then the big calculation game (not the Oscar nominated movie) happened. I won’t bother you with that bit, as I’m sharing the final expenses of this trip. One month roadtrip in the USA, the budget: bring it on!