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Lists on bloggers: I’m almost suffocating under their weight. Mostly the ones on who is the ‘best’ blogger. Not interesting, nor relevant (though it’s nice to be included from time to time!). Best is completely subjective. That’s why today I’m sharing the blogs I like and think are good. Simple as that. Blogs that I return to again and again to sneak a peek. That I instantly open up when I see they’ve written new posts. Blogs that deserve a little more attention. So this is my love song to Dutch travel blogs.


Bilbao, oh sweet, lovely Bilbao. It might seem like I’m trying to avoid you, but I promise I’m not. Really. Yes, I landed in your airport twice in just a year (last time I had near-death experience), and haven’t really been able to visit you much. Last time I had just enough time for an evening visit. You seemed a bit mad at me for not staying longer. Threw a big blast of hail down at me from the clouds. But I don’t blame you.

You are a pearl. You deserve to be visited longer. And the few quick hours I got to spend in you… they make me long for more. I promise to return quickly. Because the view over the bridge when we entered the city, with on our right the shiny Guggenheim Museum… I’m not sure I’ll ever forget. You are such a lovely mix of architecture. A city with new, unexpected impulses, that leave you wanting more.

I’m sorry for only giving you a few hours of my time. I will forgive you for my near-death experience during landing (Bilbao is known as a notoriously difficult airport for landing because of the wind gusts and the hills surrounding it – our airplane swept from side to side and the big guy next to me almost lost it.) I will be back soon. Promise. It was love at first sight. Just you see.



Berlin: a bustling city with a charged history. A city my grandfather was exited to visit, since he’d lived trough the war, but somehow had never been. I had, so I took it upon myself to drag him trough the city and show him all of the sights. These 13 sights in Berlin can’t be missed!

Best hotels in

Surely by now you’ve been blown away by my enthousiast blogposts and enchanting pictures from Gipuzkoa & Urdaibai, and planning your own trip to the Spanish Basque Country, right? But you know that means you will have to sleep somewhere, right? Turns out I have tried the best and cutest hotels in Urdaibai & Gipuzkoa. Here are my recommendations.


Happiness and succes are, besides travel on a budget of course, subjects I like to think and write about often. When I spotted this tag about #ProjectPositief, I knew I wanted to write about it. It’s good to take a second to think about these things, and it’s also a great way to get to know each other a little better. Here we go!