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Newcastle is without a doubt one of the biggest travel revelations this year. Where I’d expected to find a bland, industrial city, I found a lively, young city centre, where it was impossible to NOT find a fun place to eat. I tested two hotels in Newcastle: the expensive and stylish Malmaison and the central and cheap Travelodge, and will review them both.


This is the monastery of Arantzazu, and it’s located right next to the town of Oñati in the smallest region Gipuzkoa in the Basque country of Spain. Never heard of it, have you?

Told you so.

I didn’t know it either, but when I stood there I had to scrape my jaw off the floor after about five minutes or unashamed staring. Because why isn’t this sight more know? Check it out for more gorgeous pictures.


Welcome to a new feature! In Budget Bucketlist I pick one dream location every month. Most people have it on their travel bucket list, and most people also believe you have to sell your kidney on Graigslist to be able to afford it. This is why I research how much a trip actually costs, and what the best way is to go about making your dream trip come true, with all of your organs tucked nicely in your body. This time: Antarctica!

At the start of this month I had to go to one of my favorite cities for work: London. What. A. Punishment. I didn’t see much of London, as I’d mostly been to the World Travel Market, but I did decide to go there a day early so I’d have another day in my beloved city. It was my second visit in four months (and there might be a very careful cross in the agenda for next spring…)

I decided to vlog for a day… and that didn’t quite work out to plan. (Turns out I held my finger on the mic… err woops. AND the camera shut down at night). Still I liked the video enough to share. It’ll give you an insight to what I do on a real day off in London.

I definitely plan on doing more videos like these in the future (with sound!), so let me know if you enjoy them!


Gipuzkoa: a few weeks ago I went there with a blank mind. Not sure what to expect of the smallest region in Spain. I was blown away after my visit. From the rolling hills to the interesting alcoholic drinks (coke & red wine, anyone?), and from the bay of San Sebastian to the foodfeasts that last for hours… You do NOT want to miss Gipuzkoa. And this is why…