27 thoughts you have during a fish cooking workshop


Guuuuuys, I’m dramatically behind on my  blogposts… It’s only been a week since I was in Spain and now I’m in Athens already! And I still have SO MUCH to write about Gipuzkoa, the beautiful northern province of Spain. Because there is so much to say! First off the cooking workshop with fish, an important aspect of the Basque kitchen. And if you know me, then changes are that you’ve stumbled upon me with my cheeks filled with fish. I’m definitely a fish lover. Even in my vegetarian-phase I ate fish. And so I walked into restaurant Ziaboga in Pasaia, ready to take on the world. I ended up on a rollercoaster of emotions.


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Instagram love: 8 travellers you MUST follow


Your summer tan has disappeared, the taste of that cocktail by the pool a distant memory, and you can’t even remember the biggest hit last summer. Your next trip isn’t until next year (!), and you’re not sure what to do with yourself. It’s simple: travel mentally. Of course you’re already doing that by following this site and my adventures, but you can also do that via Instagram. My feed is filled with the travel infatuated types and I’ll happily share those with you!
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City Guide Edinburgh


Sadly I only spent two days in Edinburgh, a city I decided to visit after having seen a couple beautiful Pinterest pictures (yes, really). I was immediately blown away by the fantastic medieval architecture, the dramatic skyline and it’s buildings from the city that’s built on top of a vulcanic hill. Clearly two days didn’t give us a chance to even see the tiniest bit of the city, so I would suggest you take three or four days to visit the city. And what would I have to do there, you ask. Well, behold my answer. These are my best tips voor sightseeing in Edinburgh!

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Advertorial: Dear KLM, happy birthday!


Dear KLM,

I saw you just this monday. With your shiny blue outfit, and your young skip with which we took off the ground and climbed into the clouds. You would never say so, but last week you celebrated your 95th birthday! What an accomplishment! And you’re looking mighty fine still! (Can I have your moisturizer?). Here’s my birthday message.

As a child my heart would skip a beat whenever I’d see KLM blue. On an airplane, or a stewardess outfit… it would be comforting and adventurous at the same time. Maybe it’s because I used to fly KLM as a child? Or would it be the fact that it’s our national carrier, so wherever I go, I’m reminded of home when I see you? I’m not sure. But still my heart skips a beat when I get to fly KLM, as I did this weekend. It makes my trip that little bit more special.

Ninety five years is a long time, and KLM definitely celebrates it. Not only did it have a special offer on a couple of locations last week, it also created a beautiful video to commemorate 95 years of service. It’s wonderful looking at the old images, and to realise how much history this great Dutch company has. Enjoy!

So here it is: Happy Birthday KLM! Here’s to the next 95 years! And I’ll be seeing you next week.


This is an advertorial. I only work with companies that allow me to be honest, and to write whatever I please. I love KLM and am very proud of this collaboration.

DFDS Seaways Citytrip Newcastle: review


Every year I tell myself I will celebrate my birthday in a special place. Preferably outside the country of course. But I somehow never have. Until this year! I got on board the DFDS Seaways that took me to Newcastle. I slept on board, ate on board, and the next morning I touched down in Newcastle.

It was my first time on a ship to England, so I had no clue what to expect. Would it be small? Or a cruise ship? What would the food be like? Would it be a nice place to celebrate my birthday? How IS Newcastle even?

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