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2013 was a year of falling hard, and slowly getting up. 2014 rather was a year of flying. Of getting on board a rocket ship and being shot into space. And beside that being busy and fantastic, it was also very instructive. I learned heaps and grew as a person. I realised I finally found my way. These are five things I learned last year. 


Los Angeles: hate it or love it. My first visit was a disappointment, but when I visited again this summer, I fell madly in love with the metropolitan. The secret? Your expectations. It’s kind of like whenever I find myself in my undies in an H&M fitting room; if you have low expectations, things can only impress you.

But I did really like Los Angeles. It’s a city with in it all types of mini cities, with it’s own atmosphere, environment and hotspots. Do you visit Los Angeles on your next trip? Don’t miss these tips.


Ladies in business are boring? Hell to the no. Sophia Amoruso is a bad ass business babe. From a shoplifting high school drop out, to owner and CEO of fashion empire NastyGal, that is worth millions of dollars. In her book #GIRLBOSS she shares tips & tricks she learned in building her company and creating the career of her dreams. Everything shared in her no nonsense voice. Sit down, open your notebook and prepare to be schooled in #GIRLBOSS 101 by Sophia Amoruso.

‘A #GIRLBOSS is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.’


My 83-year old grandpa has seen a fair bit of the world so far. He’s been to the US and Canada many times, visited Egypt and discovered a few countries in Afrika (with my grandma). As a representative/sales man he traveled trough Europe, from client to trade show, about which he still has the funniest stories. Miraculously he’d never been to Berlin before. And he didn’t feel like traveling by himself. And so I proposed going together. And so we ended up wandering around Berlin for five days at the end of november

But yo… how much does a trip to Berlin cost?


I’ve managed avoiding writing this post for three weeks, but now I feel I can’t avoid it any longer. My travel plans for 2015. I haven’t spoken about it at all, even though I get asked almost daily. Not that crazy, if you remember I went off on 15 trips last year. But so far I’ve kept my lips sealed on my plans for this 2015… why?